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2022 Race Report

Posted: May 22, 2023

2022 Easton Twilight Crit pb Lehigh Valley Health Network kicked off Memorial Day weekend in the Mid-Atlantic on Saturday, May 28, 2022. The day saw intermittent rain showers that gave way to a double rainbow for the Pro Women’s race, which Spaniard Katia Martinez of CWA Racing won. CWA was aggressive the entire race, putting riders up the road multiple times, including Marjorie Bemis and Jessica Bonilla. But a late reshuffling of the front was caused by Australian Lisa Jacob of Fearless Femme Racing, bringing out eventual race winner Martinez and Bemis. From the field, Bethany Matsick of BikeWorks PA pb Fred Beans Dealership bridged across with three laps remaining, causing a surge in the field from Colleen Gulick of Team Skyline and Emily Flynn of LA Sweat. But the final separation of Jacob, Martinez, Bemis, and Matsick had enough of a gap to carry their advantage to the line just ahead of the field. Bemis led out the final lap, and Martinez was able to use her BMX sprint to outkick Jacob and Matsick for the win.

Easton Twilight Criterium Women’s Podium. Photo by Adam Hoff

The men’s race hosted a strong field with a notable presence by National Champion Danny Estevez of Best Buddies racing in Easton. The race was aggressive with the false flat of Northhampton Street, seeing strong riders get separations only to be reeled back in a few laps later. In the final third of the race, a breakaway containing Best Buddies, Butcherbox Pro Cycling pb LOOK, Miami Blazers, Emanuel iBarry & Second Bike Team. But an untimely flat tire by Curtis White of Best Buddies pulled the wind from the sails of the breakaway, and within the final two laps, Best Buddies brought the break back and set up the lead out. Bryan Gomez of Best Buddies pulled nearly the entire last lap with Danny Estevez and Alfredo Rodriguez right on the wheel. Ryan Jastrab tried to come around Estevez on the right but ran out of road before the line.

Easton Twilight Criterium Men’s Podium. Photo by Adam Hoff

Pro Women
1. Katia Martinez, CWA Racing pb Goldman Sachs ETFs
2. Lisa Jacob, Fearless Femme Racing
3. Bethany Matsick, BikeWorks PA pb Fred Beans Dealerships

Pro Men
1. Danny Estevez, Best Buddies Racing
2. Alfredo Rodriguez, Best Buddies Racing
3. Ryan Jastrab, Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling