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Wheelie Competition

Three Tricks. One Winner

Wheelie Competition Information

Have what it takes to show us your best skills on one wheel in front of thousands of fans? Join us on Saturday, May 25 and be ready to show us what you got at 6:45pm. There are three competitions. After each comp, we ask the crowd to cheer the loudest for the best rider in each segment. The rider with two or more loudest cheers wins the overall.

Comp 1: 12 o’clock

12 o'clock wheelie

Get vertical and come to a complete stop on your rear wheel at the finish line. Judge based on 1) how vertical 2) how close to the finish line you stop 3) how long you can hold the wheel up when you stop.

Comp 2: Swerves

We place a cone in the street and see how close you can come to it without touching it. Judge based on 1) how close you come 2) how dynamic of a swerve you pull. Hitting the cone scores a zero.

Comp 3: Circles

Circles wheelie competition

How many circles can you make around a cone in the street? Judge based on 1) the number of complete circles you can make around the cone 2) if you can add flair (no hands, remove your front wheel, etc).

Tie Breaker: 1-run combos

If no riders have earned two wins, we will bring the riders with wins into a tie-breaker. You have one chance to show us what you got. From Centre Square to the start line, show us the most number of stylish combinations on one wheel. The rider with the loudest cheer wins!